Taunton Deane Liberal Democrats does not receive funding from the Unions, big business or from the London HQ. We need to raise £50,000 to fight and win the local and General Elections. All our funding comes from voluntary contributions and our annual dinner is our main fundraiser of the year.

1. Did you attend the dinner last week? *
2. Did you attend the dinner last year or the year before?
3. The ticket price was £35 (cost of the food and venue are in excess of £26) - is this too much, too little or about right?
4. If you were not able to afford it please answer whether if the cost was £30 (early bird) you would be able to attend?
6. Donations of prizes for the raffle and auction tends to come from the same small group of people. Would you be able to donate a raffle prize, champagne for the champagne draw or an auction prize (ideally a stay in a holiday home for example or other item) next year?
7. We are keen to bring new non-members along to encourage them to get involved. Would you be able to get some friends/colleagues and/or neighbours together to book a table next year, in return for a discount?
9. Would you prefer the dinner on the evening of another day other than Thursday?
10. Would your company like to sponsor the dinner next year?
Name *
Thank you. Please click the submit button below once you've answered this final question. Can you donate a monthly amount to Taunton Deane Liberal Democrats? Donations will go towards helping us take control of the District Council next year. Please click on the donate button below to find out more about more about how to donate.

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