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There may soon be a General Election in Taunton Deane where you will have a chance to (once again) choose your MP.

Gideon Amos, the Liberal Democrat candidate, would like to hear what you think about the big issues we are all facing.

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Climate Change
1. Do you think climate change is one of the biggest threats facing Britain today?
2. Do you believe that Climate Change is a threat your MP for Taunton Deane should prioritise?
NHS, Mental Health and Care
1. Are healthcare and the NHS important issues for you?
2. The LibDems want to increase funding for the NHS and are prepared to increase funding by putting a penny on income tax. Do you support this move?
3. Do you agree with the LibDems that tackling mental health should be given the same importance as physical health?
4. Adult Social Care is one of the biggest crises facing our country. Do you believe this is important?
Police and Crime
1. If you have contacted the Police to report a problem in the last year how would you rate the response you received?
2. Thinking of community police officers, which of the following would you most closely agree with?
3. What are you concerned about most when it comes to crime in your local area?
1. Conservatives have made 5% in cuts to schools in real terms to Somerset schools as part of a national trend. Do agree with us that these cuts need to be reversed?
1. We are heading towards crashing out of the EU with a potential No Deal Brexit on 31st October - If Brexit were to take place, how would you feel about the future of the UK?
2. Do you think Brexit will have a positive or negative effect on your family's future?
3. How did you vote in the 2016 Brexit Referendum?
Local Services
1. The local LibDems were instrumental in leading the successful campaign to save Norton Manor Marine Base. Do you think this was the right decision?
2. The Devon & Somerset Rescue and Fire Authority are proposing cuts to local fire services, such as the removal of fire engines from Taunton and Wellington Stations. Do you agree with us this is not acceptable?
1. How would you vote if there was a general election tomorrow?
2. Which party do you normally vote for locally?
Anything else?
Thank you for completing the Big Survey. This will help shape our local policy going forward. Would you like to find out the results? If so, please read the data protection agreement at the bottom of this page first.