Comeytrowe & Bishop's Hull


Simon lives in Comeytrowe with his wife and children. Having spent over 30 years as a full time Fire Officer, he understands the values of integrity, compassion, and straight honest talking.

A "sense of community" has always been important to him, which he believes he has displayed in his role as Parish & District councillor.

He is eager to speak up for those who are vulnerable, support residents with problems, and campaign for improvements to Taunton. . . OUR county town! Only through a spirit of cooperation can we effect positive change, he says, and this is increasingly important as our planet requires significant behavioural change from us all.


Habib started his secondary education in SCAT here in Taunton, enabling him to achieve a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aston University in Birmingham. After university, he set up a number of businesses from commercial outlets to construction, but he views the most varied part of his work as representing his area on the council.

He was elected as a councillor in 2007 and has since advocated tirelessly for his ward to the council. He has held the shadow portfolio for economic development for the last two years, and also set up the ‘Taunton Forward’ initiative in order to get private sector expertise into public sector mentality. He was pivotal in ensuring that some of our services, such as the Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) were not outsourced.

Recently, together with fellow Lib Dem councillors, Habib fought hard for the people of Comeytrowe and Bishop’s Hull to ensure that, when it comes to large housing developments, a comprehensive ‘Master plan’ should lead the development when looking at traffic impact, school provisions, and flooding.

Habib is devoted to promoting a secure future, better outcomes for all, and having a safe home for our children. He wants to give a helping hand to others less fortunate than him, and do all he can for the residents of Comeytrowe and Bishop’s Hull.

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