A recent assault took place at Vivary Park in Taunton

A recent assault took place at Vivary Park in Taunton

The Lib Dems are determined to reduce crime affecting residents and businesses in Taunton Deane. We have already brought a proposal to Taunton Deane Borough Council with positive suggestions on how to tackle crime but this has only been agreed in part. We need to do more.

We are engaging with stakeholders, business users, hospitals, and residents to find the best solution.

To quote the Manager of the Orchard Shopping Centre, “I am sick and tired of people urinating in our doorways, drug use and anti-social behaviour is now out of control. I have taken the issue up with both the leader of Taunton Deane Council and Rebecca Pow MP and neither are interested!”

Lib Dems believe that we must make our town a pleasant and safe place to do business, to attract shoppers and visitors back to the county town of Somerset.

We are asking your opinion, as a resident or businessperson in Taunton Deane, to present to the Council, please tell us what has gone wrong and how to put it right:

1. What best describes your interest/response? Are you a (please tick one):
2(a) Do you and your family feel safe in Taunton Deane? *
2(b) Is it a pleasant place? *
3. Year on year, footfall in the town has reduced by 855,000 people compared to last year. In your view, what is the reason behind the decline in visitors and shoppers?
Tick as many boxes as you wish.
4. According to the latest figures from the Police Crime Commissioner, the recorded business crime across Avon and Somerset fell by 5% in 2017, except Somerset West, which covers Taunton Deane, where it rose by 5%. What do you think has driven this?
Tick as many boxes as you wish.
5. If you are a business, do you feel that in the last four years Crime & ASB has: *
*If you are resident, please go to question 7
6. The current CCTV system costs £250,000. Do you feel that you get a good service and response from the current system?
7. Thinking of the CCTV monitoring service, do you feel that it is worth the £250,000 per annum currently spent on it by Taunton Deane Borough Council
8. What services do you think should be introduced to improve the town centre?
Tick as many boxes as you wish.
9. Our proposal includes returning the CCTV monitoring centre back to Taunton, creating a new Radio Link System, introducing designated Wardens to protect property and setting up a Business Crime Reduction Partnership. Would you or your business support this?
*We’d like you keep you up to date on our work. Can we use the email/telephone number you’ve provided to contact you in future?

Thank you for your input.

Your responses will be analysed and presented to Taunton Deane Borough Council for their consideration in deciding what action should be taken to make Taunton safer and more attractive.