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Sue lives in Thornfalcon with her husband Mike, two cats and four alpacas (The Fab Four), names John, Paul, George and Ringo!

Sue is retired and prior to retirement she was a partner in a top tier firm of chartered accountants. Her career involved travelling across the country so she has good experience of what quality infrastructure/transport looks like across the UK, and is ready to apply this knowledge on the Council.

Sue's main reasons for standing in the 2019 district elections are:

  • She is interested in infrastructure and by this Sue means schools, education, more social housing, joined up transport, cycle ways, NHS, and to essentially bring back the ‘feel good’ factor to our County Town. This includes helping the less fortunate, the elderly, introducing more children's facilities, reducing inequality and bringing about a more inclusive society.

  • One Tory MP recently compared Taunton with Aleppo, disgraceful! However, in saying this, the MP criticised his own party’s running of TDBC, which most of us would agree with!

  • We do not need another expensive hotel in our town but we do desperately need many other facilities and fresh ideas, which bring good employment to our area. Sue’s aim is to help provide and implement these ideas.

Sue wishes to help to make Tauntonians feel proud of their home town again and to help provide a future where the next generations really do want to stay and work. 


Phil has represented most of this lovely rural area for almost 20 years.

He takes a real interest in all aspects of community life in the villages which he represents. As Vice Chairman of North Curry Parish Council, Phil understands how important the role of Parish councillors is in helping to shape the future of the local community, ranging from minor issues like dog bins to major housing developments. Phil also attends most Parish council meetings of the other Parishes he represents to try to keep on top of local issues.  

Phil holds a range of voluntary roles, including footpath liaison officer, tree warden for North Curry, a member of the White Street sports management committee and chair of a local wildlife group. Phil led the establishment of a community woodland and works with other volunteers to manage the site for local residents. Flooding remains a serious threat to many in the Ward, not just from tidal rivers but as a result of poor maintenance of drains and roadside ditches.  

Phil is looking forward to representing residents of Ruishton and Stoke St Mary which will be included in the enlarged Ward after May this year. Phil represented Ruishton and Thornfalcon for years prior to his move to North Curry.