With the Blackdown by election fast approaching (December 15th) Ross Henley your Liberal Democrat candidate would love to hear what you have to say about your area:

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Taunton Deane Liberal Democrats are inviting local people to get involved in deciding what should happen to our best development site possibly in the whole of South West at Firepool, next to rail station and Taunton town centre, and within a stone's throw of our wonderful Cricket ground. 

The Council has been working with its appointed partner, St Modwen Developments Ltd, for over 8 years to bring forward the development at Firepool.  With Waitrose unlikely now to put a new supermarket on the site, this gives us the best chance in a long time in to think again and develop the Firepool site into a true Gateway to Taunton. The recent announcement to proceed with the Hinckley Point development should further increase the demand for commercial and research enterprises, particularly in such a good location near the railway station.

The Council Planning Committee rejected the proposed scheme on 31st August 2016.

Senior planning officers made a recommendation for refusal after the proposal fell short of expectations, having the appearance of a retail park, which would threaten trade in the existing town centre, and adding, “Taunton deserves much better than this”.

Whilst disappointing as there will be yet further delay, the refusal has created a unique opportunity for residents to share their vision for Firepool, to meet our aspirations for a forward thinking, progressive county town fit for purpose to meet the growth requirements to create prosperity and exploit our natural advantages of being in the heart of the South West.

Please help to build a Taunton we can all be proud of, by completing a short questionnaire. You will not get another opportunity!

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Thousands of Taunton families are celebrating after the Government U turn on taking tax credits away from working people, following a motion in Parliament put down by LibDems to scrap the measure.

Despite the very real shortage of affordable homes, the Conservative Government is forcing Housing Associations to sell theirs off, reminding people of Mrs Thatcher's selling off Council Housing. LibDems are committed to building more affordable homes and oppose the selling off of these properties. 

LibDem Leader Tim Farron has pressed for an increase in the number of Syrian refugees the Government will let in from 4,000 a year to 12,000. Tim has now put down a motion in Parliament for our country to accept the 3,000 child refugees living alone in Europe.

Here in Taunton local LibDems are working to support Refugee Aid from Taunton (RAFT) with donations and by volunteering their time. They are also pressing Taunton Deane Borough Council to do more. Find Refugee Aid from Taunton on Facebook #RAFT