Wilton & Sherford


A committed environmentalist for decades, Alan Wedderkopp  serrved on TDBC for 12 years as Deputy Leader and environment portfolio holder.

He has lived in Wilton for 25 years, and has been the local county councillor for six years.

He will continue to fight for  local residents who need a council that will stand up to developers and provide effective flood relief, public transport and other infrastructure within the massive new housing in south-west Taunton, as well as 25% affordable housing.

Alan is campaigning for a new parking policy which puts the needs of residents above the convenience of commuters.   

Alan has wide experience of life, including working in a coal mine, on offshore oil installations, rising to become a manager. 

Prior to that he was a regular soldier and spent two years on active service in Korea. 

Alan is passionate about Wilton & Sherford and its people. 

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