The winning of £14million for Taunton High Street has been hailed by LibDem councillors who launched the original bid as a huge boost for the town, achieved “against the odds” and vote of confidence in the new Council vision, a bid we  described as “ambitious” in your County Gazette at the time. 

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What did you tell us about 2020?

This time last year, many of us had never heard of a coronavirus and probably only those with a background in science knew what one was or what it might do. Now, in stark contrast, things are very different and it will most likely be the coronavirus - or more specifically Covid 19 - which will be the thing we all most remember about 2020 in years to come.  Not only has the pandemic created a turning-point in so many ways, but it has made life for all of us, at the very least, complicated and difficult; at worst, it has been a painful tragedy for those families who've lost loved ones.

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SWT Lib Dems Vote to Build More Social Housing

Somerset Conservatives Run Away From 2021 Election and Refuse to Discuss It

Yesterday, at a meeting of the County Council, the ruling Conservative Group voted to write to the Government asking them to defer the 2021 county council elections.

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Rebecca Pow MP must vote for safe and legal routes for refugees, Lib Dems say

Taunton Deane Liberal Democrats have called on Taunton Deane MP, Rebecca Pow, to this week vote in favour of safe and legal routes to sanctuary for vulnerable refugees.

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Local MP must use last chance to back farmers, says Gideon Amos

The Taunton Deane Liberal Democrats have called on Rebecca Pow MP to this week back British farming and vote to protect our high environmental and animal welfare standards.

Photo: Gideon Amos meeting with NFU Deputy President Guy Smith in 2019

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“Don’t use an election delay to hang on to power,” Lib Dems warn Somerset’s Conservatives

The Lib Dems in Somerset are warning the ruling Conservative group at the County Council not to call for a delay to next May’s local elections just to “hang on” to power.

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Lib Dems Support Ecological Emergency


At the recent Somerset West & Taunton Full Council meeting (29th September 2020) the motion to declare an ecological emergency was carried unanimously.

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Stronger Somerset approved at Somerset West and Taunton Full Council

Somerset West and Taunton Council has given its overwhelming support to the Stronger Somerset Business Case, which proposes two new unitary Councils and a combined authority. 

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Gideon Amos Welcomes Sir Ed Davey as New Lib Dem Leader

Gideon Amos, the Liberal Democrats' Parliamentary Spokesperson for Taunton Deane has messaged his friend and colleague Sir Ed Davey to congratulate him on convincingly winning the party’s leadership race. Gideon said Ed Davey’s election gives the party “newfound strength to stand up for trust, decency and fairness in Britain after the rule-breaking and disasters of Cummings and Johnson in Number Ten“. 

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